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Project Life - August


Hello, hello!!

I'm happy to be sharing a Project Life layout with you today! 

This spread includes photos from the first half of our August.  Can you believe it's almost September?!  Whoa.

Our days were pretty colorful this summer.  I hoped to capture all of that color and fun in this layout so, instead of editing some of the photos to b/w, like I sometimes do when I have a photo-heavy spread, I decided to keep all the photos colored.  This meant my main product choices were white cardstock mixed with mostly neutral cards and embellishments, to let the colorful photos shine.

Here's a look at the left side...

Shopping, pizza, dancing (!!!), a favorite restaurant and a super fun workshop with Amy Tan of Amy Tangerine.

I was pretty stoked when I found that tangerine card in one of my Studio Calico Project Life kits!!  "Perf" indeed! 

(Side note...The crazy in me is wondering why I didn't stamp that "wander" from this stamp set, a little lower to sit right in the middle of those two pointed edges.  It's bothering me a little so I'm thinking I may re-print the photo to re-stamp it.  Still debating.  Let me know what you think.)

I realize I'm pretty late to the game with this, but, those Evalicious puffy alphas.  Seriously.  I *just* purchased a couple of sheets for myself and I cannot believe I waited so long!  They feature tiny, gold polka dots on a white background and they're just the right size...about a half inch.  They're perf.  (I never say that.  But I'm trying it out.  Since I did use a card with that phrase in this spread.  I sorta think you have to use the phrases on the printed PL cards, if you're gonna use them in your projects.  Otherwise, it feels weird, right?!!!) 

Anyway, I'm kinda hoping for a black version of these puffy alphas, with thin gold stripes.  Or even a charcoal grey with the thin gold stripes.  That would be pretty!

Moving along to the right side of the spread...

An open house, puzzles on Sunday morning, hilarity between me and one of my favorite people, my current obsession ("OBSESSION" is not even strong enough of a word.), tropical blooms and a crazy hunt for a water lily pot (that blue!).

I'm not joking about being obsessed with boba teas. 

God I hope they're good for you. 

The Life's Sweet collection from Evalicious could not be more perfect for me right now.  I want to stick those puffy boba tea stickers everywhere.  Like a little kid.  Ha!

So that's that.

I've slowly been working on a super fun mini album that I'm hoping to complete this weekend.  I wish I could snap my fingers and have it done already because I can't wait to share it with you! 

Also, I participated in Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life project this past week for the first time.  I LOVED it.  Now, it's all about printing the photos and pulling together an album.  I can already tell that I'm going to love looking back on these albums year after year.  Oh yes, I've already decided I'll be participating in WITL for many years to come!

How about you?  What are you up to, creatively, right now?  Project Life? WITL? Purging???  (Lord knows I need to start thinking about that last one soon.)  I'd love to hear what you're up to in the comments!

Supplies Used: Studio Calico Fairground Project Life Kit, Studio Calico Caramel Apple add-on, Evalicious Life's Sweet puffy stickers V. 1, Evalicious Mini Gold Dots puffy alphabet stickers, Amy Tangerine Rise & Shine gold phrase Thickers, Studio Calico Printshop Doodle alpha stamp set, Clearly Kelly Daily Life stamp set, Clearly Kelly Food Coma stamp set